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About My Service

It is my pleasure to introduce my service and how I approach my work as a counsellor. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to ask anything else at all.

My relationship with you

The relationship between us is the key factor in our work together. This involves feeling comfortable and having rapport with me so you feel 'safe' in opening up. I am approachable and friendly and will always work from your frame of reference. I am not judgmental, and will never impose my own values or beliefs onto you.​

A welcoming space for all

I wholly realise that your experiences, your thoughts, feelings and how you approach the world is unique only to you. You may have experienced prejudice due to the colour of your skin; or because of your sexuality or sexual identity; your 'disability'; or because you are from another country; religion; or culture. Or just for being different.

This is totally unfair and undeserving, and although I won’t have experienced the world from your eyes, I promise that I will do my very best to understand whatever you bring to my room from your frame of reference, and offer a safe space, free of judgement.

Some of the areas I can help you with

Throughout the years, I have supported people through many concerns in their life. Some common areas that am skilled to help with are detailed below. This is not an all-inclusive list of the areas in which I could support you.

Counselling to help with confidence and low self-belief

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Self-doubt and low confidence will affect us all from time to time. We may doubt our ability to achieve our goals in a certain area, and it’s hard to get off the starting block. Perhaps we fear being judged, which might be holding us back. We might not quite trust our ability, and are afraid to put it to the test. Procrastination and perfectionism may also be part of the mix.

This can easily result in low mood or a lack of motivation. We may project our feelings onto others – perhaps irritation with the ones we love. We could feel low, frustrated and really disheartened that we cannot overcome the block in our path; and may not always understand why.

Maybe we have been carrying self-doubt from our childhood: after all, the messages we get growing up are powerful, and we can easily take this into our adulthood - whether consciously or not.

I have helped many people to work through issues of confidence and self-belief in their life. Knowing and understanding the source is helpful (although not always necessary); and I can work with you to identify and implement helpful tools and strategies that you could take forward.

Support for Anxiety and Stress

My Service. anxietyandstress

We can all feel the effect of stress and anxiety sometimes, and I have written a support page at the link below. This short article illustrates some of the ways that I would approach my work with you; and also, how I have used tools to help myself in this area.

Managing Anxiety and Stress

If you are seeking a counsellor in Central Glasgow to support you with anxiety or stress, then please do not hesitate to get in touch or to ask any questions you may have. A free consultation, lasting up to half an hour, is also available on-line.

Feeling Low, Sad or Depressed

I think that we are all likely to experience a low mood or sadness from time to time. But if you have been persistently feeling low for more than a few days - perhaps for weeks or months - then you may be suffering from depression.

The NHS points out that depression is not trivial, but is a real illness - and can range from mild to severe. Symptoms can include a sense that life is pointless, and maybe it feels too painful to go on living. This excellent NHS information page may be a source of support for you if you feel depressed..

It may be helpful to talk to a therapist, with an aim to understand your triggers and how you respond; as well as to get an understanding of your underlying thought processes. You may be able to work on an approach to manage it in a way that is more helpful for you.

My support page may also be of assistance to you, and also contains links to external sources of support.

Bereavement Therapy and Support

My Service. roses

Experiencing the death of somebody in your life can be a difficult and confusing time. There is not a time limit, or a straight pathway through grief and loss, and a range of emotions might be present.

I certainly don’t believe in the old adage that one ever ‘gets over’ a bereavement. But through time, it can be possible to find space in your life to live as good a life as possible, without ever minimising what the person meant to you.

I worked as a bereavement therapist for 4 years. Information, support; and an impression of how I would approach my work can be found at the link below.

Support for Bereavement

An example of the work I may do​

For example, many of us have experienced a bereavement or a difficult break up, and this can be a troublesome and confusing time. Unbearable emotions may have been held in, such as feeling extremely hurt or angry. You may initially need sufficient space and time to express such overwhelming feelings, and to be heard and understood.

There may come a time when you feel ready to reflect on specific aspects of the situation itself; or to plot a course through life again. There may be a need to resolve and find a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions - feelings such as fear and loss, and thoughts such as wondering how you might ever cope. We may also explore coping strategies to help with areas such as worry, anger or anxiety.

Events and experiences from the past impact on how we think, feel and behave today. It may therefore be necessary to explore this to gain understanding and clarity; and to aid better functioning in the present and future.

What you might expect from the counselling process

During our first meeting, I will spend time hearing about what brings you to my room, and through collaborating together, we can begin to outline your goals and objectives moving forward.

Our first session will give us the opportunity to:

  1. meet each other, and for you and ask any questions or express any concerns
  2. Decide if you feel comfortable working with me
  3. Deal with issues, such as boundaries and confidentiality
  4. Obtain a summary of why you are seeking help
  5. Begin to outline goals and objectives

After the first session, as we will start to work towards your goals and objectives. As you move forward, having had the space to talk and think more deeply - you may get in touch with painful thoughts, feelings or memories that may feel difficult. This is quite normal, and part of the healing process. It will be taken at a pace that you feel comfortable and safe with, and which you are in control of.

I will not normally give you direct advice, or tell you what I think you should do. Instead, I will ask questions and make suggestions and reflections that support your aims and objectives.

Access for wheelchair users or individuals with mobility issues

Due to the nature of the tenement building, there are a few steps to access the lift. Unfortunately, my service is not accessible for individuals with mobility issues.

How long therapy might last

The duration depends on what you bring to therapy, as well as any goals you want to achieve. It is flexible, and would regularly be reviewed during the counselling process. I have worked with people who get what they need after two or three sessions: for example, you may want to talk through one issue that is causing you concern, such as a conflict with a colleague that is worrying you. The majority of people will want to look at a combination of issues, and I have worked with clients from anything between 2 or 3 sessions to well over a year.

What space is required between sessions?​

This is dependent on your own personal circumstances. Sessions are typically weekly or fortnightly at the beginning; however, weekly sessions at this stage are likely to be more beneficial. This enables enough time to contemplate between sessions and, and 'freshly' bring back thoughts or experiences for further reflection. Then as time goes on, many people space them out further (e.g. monthly or 6 weekly) before working towards an ending - and then maybe even check in periodically if something has come up that you want to reflect on.

It is really important that you feel comfortable, safe and at ease with whoever you choose as your counsellor. I offer a consultation, free of charge, lasting up to half an hour. There is no obligation to book a service afterwards.

Charge of session​

I charge £45 per session (weekdays) and £55 during the weekend.

Payment is taken at the end of each session, either by cash; i-zettle card reader or bank transfer.

I will never ask you to 'block book' ; nor ask you to pay for several sessions in advance.

My location​

As a counsellor in Central Glasgow, I am next door to Central Station. I am also located within easy walking distance from Queen Street Station, as well as the underground stations located in the centre of town, such as Buchanan Street and St. Enoch.

COVID safeguards ​

It is important that I provide a safe and secure service and follow government guidelines at all times, and I have had to adapt my service during this very challenging time. As well as offering face to face sessions at my room in Glasgow when official advice allows, I also offer an internet based service via the zoom platform.

To keep us as safe as I possibly can, we must follow safety protocols when meeting face to face.

For more details, click here

If you have any questions, or need to check something out further, please do not hesitate to get in touch by e-mail to ask anything at all.

Professional Standard

Being the caretaker of confidential data means that I am obliged to register with the Information Commissioner's Office and follow the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 2018.

In most circumstances, everything we talk about is confidential and will never be shared with anybody else outside my room. I will never disclose your identity to anybody else. This is essential for you to have a safe and secure service.

However, in certain circumstances, all counsellors are obliged by law to break confidentiality. For example, if you disclose that you intend to seriously harm yourself, or if you tell me that you, or another person is likely to harm somebody else; or a court orders me to show my notes.

These are rare circumstances, and I would do my best to have a conversation with you if need ever arises.

Service Agreement for Linda Hardy's Counselling Service in Glasgow or On-Line

If you are considering booking a service with me, this document provides essential about my service, and outlines details such as privacy or confidentiality. If you have any questions about this document, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Please access the information here

Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

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The BACP is the largest Professional Association for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK and is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority. Becoming a member on the Accredited Register involved completing and passing 2-hour exam. I abide by their ethical standards at all times.

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