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Having an understanding of how we think, feel, react and behave, and knowing tools and techniques to help ourself is invaluable.

​With this in mind, I have written a range of comprehensive and accessible workshops, which I have had the pleasure of presenting to a variety of teams.

Attendees learn a range of skills, such as building kindness and compassion towards oneself; re-framing how to think about an issue;
understand how to manage difficult or 'out of control' thoughts; working on changing actions and reactions; and gaining control of emotions.

I utilise a range of tools, such as video, PowerPoint, group discussion and creative and experiential interventions.

Recently Launched Workshops

A stimulating and interactive Workshop for Students is now available (launched February 2019). This includes dealing with a range of issues that often feature for students: for example stress/exam pressure; homesickness; procrastination and perfectionism.

Please click here to enter Hardy Workshops website for more information about all of my workshops.

Workshops Update

Understanding and Working with Suicidal People

November 16, 2019 at 10am - 4.30pm
At Wallace House 3 Boswall Road Edinburgh, EH5 3JR

Working with a client who is presenting with suicidal thoughts and feelings can feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking. It may be difficult to know how to react, and it may leave us holding unwelcome emotions, such as fear, worry or distress. Having an understanding of what is going on for the individual, as well as us having a better understanding of what we could say and do, can leave us feeling less anxious and in a better position to help.

This workshop is accessible for people working in a range of areas, such as social workers, counsellors, support workers and medical professionals.

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