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I provide a safe and friendly place for you
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Linda Hardy MSc.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Counselling in Glasgow

A Warm Welcome from Linda Hardy

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Thank you for visiting my website.
I am a qualified and experienced counsellor & cognitive behavioural therapist in Glasgow. I have been a practicing therapist at Masters degree level for the past 9 years.

I hope you find some of the content on my site helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further information about my service.

My philosophy is that we are our own best helper. Through my service, you can help yourself to understand yourself and your situation better, and also discover new tools and coping strategies that will assist you in the future.

Through talking and getting to know yourself better, the process could help you to function better presently, work towards your goals and objectives and leave you in a better position to help yourself in the future. Therefore, we can work together to help you to better understand the interaction and impact of your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

Counselling could help you to better understand how events from the past can continue to influence and impact on your life which may be detrimental to you now, and work towards changes that would be helpful.

Talking can enable you to offload built up emotions that you have been carrying around in your body. Many people tell me they feel a huge relief after doing so, like a huge pressure cooker that has been released.

I can help with a range of issues, such as relationship difficulties, anger, bereavement, depression, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol issues, procrastination and low self-belief.

It can take courage to seek help

People sometimes tell me they think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. The reality is that we all need support at times, and acknowledging this and seeking out help can help immensely.

During counselling, you may evoke thoughts and feelings that feel challenging at times. But this is normal, and is part of getting to know yourself better and finding a way through.

Some of the areas I can help you with

If you are seeking a counsellor based in Central Glasgow, I have documented some of the areas I can help with below

  • Coping with Grief / bereavement counselling
  • Counselling for stress and anxiety
  • Help with addiction (food, alcohol, drugs, gambling)
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Help when feeling low or depressed
  • Talking through issues with relationships
  • Working through emotions, such as anger, guilt or hurt
  • Putting undue pressure on yourself
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling fearful / going out of your comfort zone

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or need to check anything out further.

    I invite you to check out my Questions You May Have page. You can find some detailed information about what you can expect from my service.

  • Free Counselling Consultation in Glasgow City Centre

    Providing a warm, friendly service where you will feel safe, secure and comfortable is my main priority. Although people regularly tell me that I am friendly and welcoming, it is essential that you feel this way too with whoever you choose.

    So, I offer a free consultation lasting up to 30 minutes. This is available at my counselling room in Central Glasgow during daytime hours, Monday - Friday.

    There is no obligation to come back, but it may help you to decide if I would be a good fit for you as your Central Glasgow based counsellor.

    For more information on how I would approach my work with you, please check out Questions You May Have

    Counselling-Glasgow: Location

    My counselling service has relocated within Central Glasgow to

    111 Union Street, Glasgow, G1 3TA

    I am still conveniently located close to all public transport links - now right next door to Glasgow Central Station and still only a few minutes walk from Glasgow Queen Street Station.

    Find me just off Gordon Street, right next door to the Shelter shop, and a couple or so doors away from the Union Street entrance to Central Station.

    Click For Map

    Welcome. union street view

    Counselling-Glasgow: City Centre Parking

    If you are driving, there are a range of parking options that are easily accessible.

    Map For Car Parks in Central Glasgow

    I look forward to welcoming you.

    Offering A Flexible Service

    Are you seeking counselling or CBT in Glasgow City Centre that offers a flexible service?

    If so, it may be helpful for you to know that I offer evening appointments for people who work during the day.

    From July 2019 onward, I will also be offering Saturday daytime appointments as well. If Saturdays prove popular, then I will continue with this service in the long term.

    As a Central Glasgow Counsellor, my service is easily accessible to outlying towns, such as Stirling, Falkirk, Paisley and Ayr. I am a short stroll away from Queen Street Station and Central Station!

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at Counselling-Glasgow if you have any questions at all about my service. My e-mail is [email protected] and you can also reach me via the e-mail link on the top-right of the page.

    Support Yourself

    I invite you to check out my Support Yourself link on the menu bar.

    Here you will find short, accessible articles from me that feature for many of us. My first item offers an overview of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – and how its tools and techniques can be utilised to help us in everyday life.

    Please scroll to the bottom of page for updates, and visit Support Yourself' on the menu bar above for an introduction to all of the articles

    Join The Discussion

    Support Yourself is in a Blog Format, so it allows space for comments. Feel free to join the discussion

    I will be posting updates regularly about new articles at the bottom of this page - so please do come back again.

    Facebook @ Counselling in Glasgow

    I regularly post articles on my Facebook page that inspire me personally, and that hopefully will inspire others. The page has been running for nearly 2 years now, so a range of items are there already.

    Link to FaceBook feed. Feel free to comment on, or share anything featured there.

    Thank You For Visiting

    Please do get in touch to ask anything you want about my service via my e-mail or on the telephone number below.

    It is important that you feel at ease with the person you choose to work with you. I regularly have free time during the day in my practice, so if you are seeking a counsellor or CBT therapist in Central Glasgow, feel free to contact me to arrange a time to drop in to meet, for free, for up to half an hour. It will provide an opportunity for me to introduce myself, and the opportunity for you to ask anything you like about my service. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to enter into therapy with me afterwards.

    I hope that you have found some of the content on my site useful. Please do come back for updates to my Support Yourself pages.

    Yours sincerely,

    Linda Hardy
    Counsellor in Central Glasgow.
    CBT Glasgow
    e-mail [email protected]
    (mobile): 07474605180

    Support Yourself Update

    Welcome. stress and anxiety

    August 2019

    Understanding and Managing Stress and Anxiety

    I have written a short overview about stress and anxiety, and some links to external sources. We can all get stressed and anxious sometimes, and it assists us greatly when we understand what is happening in our body, as well as finding tools that can help us through.

    There are links to external sources that, in my opinion, are helpful resources that may assist you.

    click for article

    Welcome. coping with bereavement

    July 10th 2019

    "Shall summer's warm brilliant sun bring new light, And free my anguished mind of its terrible plight? Will its gentle breezes chase grief's dark clouds away, And show me a clear path towards a better day?" Excerpt from poem 'Seasons Of Grief' by Belinda Stotler.

    Experiencing a bereavement can be a stressful and difficult time. I have written a short article based on my knowledge and experience of my work as a bereavement counsellor. I hope that it may be of some support to you if you have experienced a loss; or if you are trying to understand someone else's experience.

    click for article

    If you are experiencing a bereavement and would like any help or advice, please contact me by e-mail. I will do my best to help, and will contact you for a short chat over the phone if needed. (no charge for this service).

    I also offer bereavement counselling in Glasgow City Centre.

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